Thank you From Software

I recently finished Dark Souls 2 NG+4 and acquired all achievements.

For this occasion, I just wanted to say thank you and share some images of my time in Drangleic.

It's been a long journey

Just beat Nashandra and Aldia


Proof #2

My level 313 Wanderer Aria

Where it all started: The Old Firekeepers


Home #2

Home #3

Home #4

Waiting for PvP...

Sun Bros for Life

Dragon Shrine

Heide's Tower of Flame

Hello darkness my old friend: The Ancient Dragon

I'm about as big as his foot

Praise the Sun \[T]/

Next up I'll be going back to Dark Souls 1 and continue my Level 142 character in NG+.

If you've played these games for long enough, they are more soothing and relaxing than stressful. I love coming back to Drangleic and Lordran to calm down after a long day of work.

Thank you From Software

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